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Like usually on Saturdays, especially those sunny ones, Portobello Market was bustling with people, salesman and artists. Right after getting off at Notting Hill underground station you're bound to, at some point, join the crowd flowing to Portobello Road. It seems that it were mostly tourists paying a visit though the market is not only a tourist destination. When you're on the spot you will most likely notice style savvy sellers building their rapport quickly and efficiently, getting to know you and starting a small chit chat.

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Miniature Poland

Poland in miniature. Shots from ‪Slupsk‬, ‪‎Leba‬, ‎Gdansk‬, ‎Malbork‬, ‪Torun‬, ‎Warszawa‬ and ‪Wroclaw‬ by Joerg Daiber

Top of the Europe (almost)

LONDON | View on the City after sunset from The Shard.

It's 'tall as hell' with nothing higher in the entire European Union. It has two lifts - first taking you to the 33th floor and the second one going straight to the 68th. You can also use the stairs to get to 72nd level if you want. By doing this you'll reach the highest point (244.3 meters) available to regular visitors. The building, in total, has 306 m (1004 feet) overall but believe me that 244.3 meters also makes a huge impression. Oh.. I'm talking about The Shard of course.

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Indifference? Not here...

Samuel Johnson, a poet, essayist, moralist, literary critic, biographer, editor and lexicographe once said "When a man is tired of London, he is tired of life; for there is in London all that life can afford". There is something magical about the capital of Great Britain. I have not met anyone who would be indifferent to it. Some hate it, some love it and are counting days till the next trip or moving their life to London. The multitude of cultures, entertainment, events, career opportunities, styles etc. surrounded by tons and tons of people rushing is one of a kind experience.

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Random Radom

"Fabryka Broni" at #Radom

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Radom is 1,5 hour drive from Warsaw and on route to Rzeszów. Below you can find few shots from the city that is known by all Poles. It's the place where the famous Fabryka Broni (en. Weapon Factory) Łucznik is located and gives employment to many local inhabitants. It produces for Poland's Army, Ministry of Internal Affairs as well as for export and civil market.

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We're not going to Georgia..

Let's go outside! (Galicnik, Macedonia). Copyright (C) by Marjan Lazarevski. Used without modifications under CC BY-ND 2.0 licence.

We planned on going to Georgia this year to trek in the mountains and take a swim in the Black Sea. Instead we decided to go to the Balkans. Cobblestone streets, fairy tale forests, wine regions, medieval towns, sandy beaches, ancient ruins, cosmopolitan capitals, spice bazaars, haunted castles and a couple of thousand islands. - this is how Lonely Planet guide describes Southeastern Europe. From the popular Greece and Croatia to a bit less known Kosovo, Albania or Serbia, this part of the world is famous for it's great and hospitable people, abundance of vineyards and relatively low prices.

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Treasures of Zakynthos

4 trips, 840 hours spent on Zakynthos, 2000 km travelled on the island, 28 days of shooting, 3TB of timelapse footage, 380 hours of post-production, 100 kg film equipment weight. These are behind the scenes details of "Treasures of Zakynthos" - a movie by Maciej Tomków. Maciej has beautifully portrayed the Greek island of Zakynthos. Lots of effort has created a mind-blowing effect. Be sure to visit Maciej's webpage and check out his other works.

Kamchatka and Japan 2016

Koryaksky volcano rising above Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky. Photo copyright by Vfp15. Published under CC BY-SA 3.0 licence.

There are many interesting places in the world to see and experiene. Prolific writers produce reportages in the form of books, essays, podcasts and others. Not many of them, though, have been written about Kamchatka Peninsula. It is located in the far east of Russia (see map below) with more than half of the population living in Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky. The peninsula contains around 160 volcanoes of which 29 of them still active with climate ranging from temperate to subarctic.

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The land of volcanos 

Not only the land of volcanos but also abundant in fish (same as Alaska, USA was 50 years ago), wild animals (especially bears) and in pristine state, not polluted by human due to living conditions and it's remoteness. It's Kamchatka - a far away land in Russia located between Alaska on the East and North Siberia on the West.

This video tells the story of Maxim Balakhovskiy who is living his life on the road in his homeland. Each year exploring new elements of this peninsula and experiencing it somehow anew. Expect beautiful aerial views, volcanos and wild bears and more.

Photograph like a pro

Photography on one hand is simple - you just aim the camera and push the trigger. On the other hand, you should, for instance, know how to aim it in the right direction and under the right angle. There are few tips (nine to be exact) that can help you to do the above. They are based on the work of Steve McCurry who is a photojournalist. Learn them, use in every possible situation and, after mastering, break the rules and do it your own way, in your own style.