Marcin Konkel

London - Borough Market pt.1

Borough Market is one of the London's most renown markets. Central located on the South Bank of the City and selling food from around the world which is as various as the stall owners. Stall owners know their craft and inventory - all selling in their own ways. Some may be found quirky, others noisy but all they have in common is that they're real individuals. Well, most of them. The market itself is dated back to 1276 but is claimed to exist over 200 years earlier. Whatever the truth may be - it can be seen that the art of selling and the craft of trade have deep roots here. Meet the people and sights of Borough Market in two parts. Today visiting fruit, meat and bread stalls.

LONDON | People of Borough Market - one of the stall vendors.
LONDON | People of Borough Market - one of the fruits stall vendors.
LONDON | People of Borough Market - one of the meat stall vendors.
LONDON | People of Borough Market - one of the baked goods stall vendors.
LONDON | People of Borough Market - one of the meat stall vendors.

London - Camden Town

LONDON | Camden Town
LONDON | Camden Town
LONDON | Camden Town - the stables.
LONDON | Camden Town - a hand made chocolate shop.
LONDON | Camden Town

NYC and it's people

"Humans of New York" is a Facebook profile of Brandon Stanton who in 2010 decided to move to New York. He had a vision of taking 10 000 photos. Short on cash, he started photographing New Yorkers and placing them on Facebook where images were followed by their stories. Sometimes it was a photo with one sentence and sometimes a whole conversation. First there were few likes every day. Now, at the moment of writing this, it's 2,800,238 likes and 1,339,482 people talking about it. As the city is a vibrant capital of the world - the topic seems to be endless.. And so it continues on daily basis. Facebook has made a video in relation with the social site celebrating it's 10th anniversary and followed Brandon for two days to capture how his stories and photographs are created. 


A photograph not published earlier from an autostop trip to Budapest. View on Danube river with freedom statue overlooking the city from the Gallert mountain in the upper right corner of the photo. It was a hot day in the city with temperatures reaching 35 C and not a cloud in the sky could be spotted.


GDYNIA | City waking up in the early morning.

Vituc in Praha

Often, in my thoughts, I travel to Prague (cz. Praha) as the ultimate steppingstone. A place where time passes differently and where people, at first glance not that polite, seem to know how to enjoy life in their own way. Keeping their distance to politics, faith and national pathos. This distance might be seen by some as pure ignorance and, probably, in many situations it would be just that. Apart from the people, there is the city itself with abundance of parks, beauty of tenement houses and secluded cafes, antique shops, pubs. My favorite district so far - Zizkov giving a great view on Prague from Riegrovy sady park and sharing the opportunity to live in a truly Czech part of the city. But getting to the reason for this note.. Vito Labalestra gives you an alternative view to the above with "three days walking at a moderately slow tempo through the beautiful city of Praha with a Go Pro HD and a few Czech koruna in my pocket". Worth watching.

Metropolia Jest Okey 2013

A music feast is coming each year in late December to Tricity, Poland. The new and the old, the renown and the less know - all come to play their short gigs in various clubs across four days of 'Metropolia Jest Okey' festival ('Metroplis is OK' in English). Every band doing concert started their history in Tricity (Gdynia, Sopot or Gdansk) and what a colorful scene it is.. From rock and punk to reggae and yass surrounded by collective power of visual arts, literature and dance. Started by Larry 'Okey' Ugwu, the director of 'Nadbaltyckie Centrum Kultury' (en. Baltic Centre for Culture) who is an artist himself, and celebrating it's 7th anniversary this year.



Similar to London's time-lapse but yet quite different. Huge and stunning work done by Alexandr Kravtsov on this material. As the author states himself: "Broken camera, lost flash drive, near 100 subway rides, 24 000 photos, endless hours of post production and rendering and 480 gigabytes of material.". Kudos !

London in a time-lapse

London is, together with New York, a Alpha++ city meaning that they are vastly more integrated with the global economy than any other cities. Being international Hubs for creating culture and world trends but also respecting their specific heritage. Here is a short video by Alex Bordetcky and Svetlana Abrashova using time-lapse and hyper-lapse techniques showing London during the day and at night. Enjoy !

Voo Voo

Wojciech Waglewski playing with Voo Voo in Wroclaw during Juwenalia - student's festival back in summer 2010.