Marcin Konkel

Hello Woodstock, are you there ?

Woodstock Festival Poland was organized for the 19th time this year. It is free for all (no tickets) event with world renown bands as well as Polish artist and the biggest music festival in Europe with 450-500 thousand participants each year. This year concerts were happening in over 30 C heat so some cooling down by the fire brigades was priceless.

Road leading to Main Stage through camp site.

Woodstock Festival 2013 - Kostrzyn nad Odra

Fire brigade cooling down festival goers with water near Main Stage area.

Few shots from Berlin

BERLIN | Potsdamer Platz
BERLIN | One of the murals at the East Side Gallery

Photos taken with a mobile phone.

A day with Sergey - Russian billionaire

Russian oligarchs are the business magnates who have acquired their wealth quickly often during the fall of Soviet Union (but not only). The are often in the group of the most wealthiest people in the world. Not necessarily always in terms of strictly money but, for instance, land. You can read more about them on Wikipedia and watch the below movie.

Chalupy welcome to

On one side Chalupy are the capital of Polish surf society so one could think it's bound to be overcrowded with hundreds of surfers and nowhere peaceful to go and rest. Well now, that was what I though at the beginning when I set up my tent in one of the surf campsites and.. I was wrong. Most of the people are out on the water catching the wind in their kites or sails and the beaches are almost empty while being in the peak of season. Moreover, Chalupy are located on the part of Hel peninsula which is very narrow and you have around 1 minute to go from the shallow bay to the rough Baltic Sea. Below you can see the sunset during one of such strolls.

Open'er 2013

I have had the chance to enjoy some of the concerts on Heineken Open'er 2013 festival and tested my new mobile phone camera. You can see the outcome of this below. The event, I guess, has the same amount of advocates as people who boycott the whole idea. One thing is for sure that the selected music artists (not only on main stage !) are often from the top shelf of performers.

Open'er 2013 - Gdynia

Zakopane and Kuznice panorama

Zakopane and Kuznice towns are located on the south of Poland. Few years ago I had the chance to take the below panorama in perfect weather conditions with visibility lasting for miles and sun slowly setting. You can see a larger version of this photograph when selecting "Mountains" album and finding the below photo.

TATRAS | View from 'Miedzy Kopami' saddle towards Kuznice town.

The camera never lies

"The Camera Never Lies" is the title of a course on "film, images & historical interpretation in the 20th century for those who have a general interest in photojournalism, and films based on historical events." led by Dr Emmett Sullivan from University of London. It has already started (on Jun 24th) but it is still possible to join (no fees).

It's about how images influenced us over the years, about photographic manipulation and changing the historical facts as well as digital authoring. Sounds interesting ? You can learn more about this course by watching the video below.

4 seasons in Tatras

This is a great time-lapse video made by Józek Krzeptowski showing Tatra Mountains in different seasons. Locations used for this short video were Polana Chochołowska, Kasprowy Wierch, Gubałówka, Zakopane. To stop for a moment and ponder at the views you can visit Jozef's Flickr channel here where you will find some of the shots in higher resolution.

Tatras in black and white

Two of these photos were once present on my blog. Now I uploaded them again in black and white colors which, I believe, convey more and give a better viewing experience then earlier.

TATRAS | Mountain peaks emerging from the clouds.
TATRAS | View on Kuznice town from 'Miedzy Kopami' saddle.

Graffiti - SKM Grabowek

Graffiti - Gdynia SKM GrabowekOn Grabowek SKM (suburban train line) station one can admire the whole place being spray-painted with different motives. If your interested to find it go here