Marcin Konkel

A life journey

This story started with the departure of a 73 year old father for a journey around the world that would last at least three years. On a boat from Valleviken, Sweden. Eight months later a son, together with his friend, departed on Arianna of Valleviken on their 16 day-long journey to Melchior Islands, Antarctica. See what they experienced.

Justin Bieber and Index Sandwich

BELGRADE | A local artist playing on Kneza Mihaila street.

Belgrade, 6 am. local time. The night train from Podgorica arrives. On and near the train station are lots of immigrants from Syria. They are not begging as it often is thought. They waiting in their small " tent towns" made in parks. Waiting for their transit to Western Europe. In the morning turmoil and not so comfortable journey we are on the way to our apartment in Belgrade. Gorgeously tucked in between two tenement houses, accessible through a narrow gate. It's our Airbnb booking on Gavrila Principa 10 street. We leave our baggage and go in search for a breakfast. We find a place recommended by a local with nice coffee and so so breakfasts - all packed in mediocre+ prices. Our second visit to Belgrade starts now.

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Mexico City

Only close to one minute to give a feel to how Mexico can taste like. Daniel Eskils' view on street food of the capital of Mexico. Enjoy.

Podgorica night train

PODGORICA | A shop with old radios on Oktobarske Revolucije street.

The last day in Shkoder was rather a quick one. It started with sending some postcards to friends and family and repacking for our journey to Podgorica and then Belgrade. We've paid (20 EUR / 5 EUR each) to an uncle of one of the staff members to drive us through the border to Montenegro's capital. The whole trip took as around 2h. We have passed through a bunker that was adopted as a tattoo studio, a huge cross on one of the hills surrounding Shkoder and crossed the border at Granični Prijelaz Božaj where we waited for 30 min which was said that is common in high season Jun - Aug.

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If money was no object..

What would you do? Listen to what Alan Watts (1915-1973), a philosopher, buddhist, speaker and writer has to say. Answer the question “What would happen if money was no object?" and so what unfolds and where you end up being. Use this information to guide you through life. You can find a transcript below.

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Shoreditch and around

LONDON | An artist attaching his works on the wall near Brick Lane.

The capital of UK is well known for supporting street art and performances. Not all though. Banksy, for instance, a world renown graffiti artist is public enemy no 1 when it comes to the authorities. That being said, some regions of London are more or less open to art. I've taken a stroll through Shoreditch, one of the epicentres of art here, and captured moments that I found interesting...

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Tel Aviv

Tel Aviv. It's the second largest city in Izrael with close to half a million inhabitants. It is also the centre of Izrael's high-tech being similar to Silicon Valley in California. It's the home of ICQ (100 million users world-wide) which once revolutionised communication over the Internet in the 90's and was bought by AOL in 1998. That being said, it is also a very picturesque city which was beutifully shown in time-lapse in Noam Armonn's video. Enjoy.

A cup of espresso

SHKODER | Three man talking and drinking in a local pub.

It was a hot day when we arrived at the mosque. We've gone through the city in the bus seeing what Ulcinj has given us a foretaste of. Derelict buildings with custom made electrical installations, people begging on the streets from time to time. Still, this place had something elusive in it. You were able to grasp only at times if you were attentive enough.

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A family theme park unsuitable for children

Jamie Brightmore takes us for a short visit to Banksy's Dismaland. A land where smile gives way to sadness and where the artists (close to sixty) from all over the world have gathered with their work. It's an unusual theme park that was located in Weston-super-Mare in Somerset, England. Local residents of the city were told that a Hollywood company called Atlas Entertainment was using the location to film a crime thriller called Grey Fox. It opened it's doors on the weekend of 21 August 2015 and closed permanently on September 27, 2015. Every Friday you could attend a concert from such artists as Run the Jewels, De La Soul, Damon Albarn, and Pussy Riot.

Banksy himself called the endeavour: "family theme park unsuitable for children.". Jamie dedicates his movie to all the folks who queued and didn't get in, the artists and Banksy. 

Autumn in the capital

LONDON | A bike parked in Hyde Park.

Last weekend, apart from business matters, I've spent strolling around London and having pints with friends (cheers!). Having found an accommodation near Hyde Park it was a perfect opportunity to experience autumn in the city and unwind for a few days. Many people say that London's weather is nasty and it can only be worse in Ireland. On the other hand, some people from Ireland treat UK's capital a place with far better climate then their own. It wasn't all sunshine and rainbows but still I did not mind.

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